Hi, I'm Lorena

Here to remind you of your strengths and creativity and to nudge you towards a life that's truly yours.

I am on a mission to help you create a life you love, and to remind you of your role in your own life. I am passionate about making your strengths visible and supporting you with inspiration, tools and resources - all the while doing something good for the planet. My coaching approach is inspired by nature, from planting seeds of knowledge and sparks of motivation to celebrating your growth. The aim is sustainable and long-lasting change as well as equipping you with the necessary tools to keep on going without me.

To give back to nature, I plant a tree for every client; it is one of my dreams to create a whole forest with all of you.

I cannot tell you who I am. But I can tell you what I love and what I've learned. 

Things I love

Nature. Cooking. Making things myself (sourdough, kombucha, growing herbs and vegetables). Painting. Singing. Conversations with friends and strangers. The people in my life. Moving my body and letting my body move me. Learning new things. Reading books. Animals. Small things. Matcha and Chai. Making a fire in the forest. Walking in the rain. Being barefoot. Travelling. Cooking. Music. Playing. Life. Nature. Watching people share their talents. Being touched by music or spoken poetry. Really good sleep and really good food. Spending time alone. Being creative. Laughing until it hurts. Saying I love you. Crying because a big crowd is clapping. Having an impact. Planting trees. Watching you succeed. 

Things I learned

Be kind to yourself. Celebrate your successes. And while we're at it, celebrate each other a lot more. Keep your identity small. Being afraid to try isn't a good enough reason not to try. Action comes before motivation. Opinions can change. The body controls mind, and the mind controls the body; but the mind cannot control the mind. We can do hard things. Time is a valuable resource, waste it with intention. Growth is often uncomfortable but always worth the effort. You are not your thoughts; you are the observer of your thoughts. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Be curious. Simplify. Listen to your body. And take care of it. Be generous with compliments. Language shapes how we see the world, yet no words can do it justice. Art and music articulate what we cannot express in words. Nature is f*cking awesome.

I could go on and on and still not capture all of who I am, just as there's always more to you than meets the eye. I know each of us brings gifts and dreams into this world. It is my wish to help you discover more of what's possible for you and nudge you towards a life you really love.

BA English Literature & Linguistics, Psychology and Dutch Studies
MA English Literature & Linguistics and Psychology
CIS Integral Coach
Dipl. Personality and Life Coach
Cert. in Applied Neuroscience (ICF CCE accredited)
Cert. in Life Design
Cert. Positive Psychology Practitioner

Member Swiss Coaching Association
Associate Certified Coach International Coaching Federation